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Remember Who You Are and Who You Are Meant to Become



Feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and have been wandering from one place to another but never finding the Beautiful Garden of your dreams?

What if you had a map and knew how to read it?

Imagine if Alice had had a map. . . .

As a fan of Alice in Wonderland, and an astrologer, I can help you learn to read your life’s map, aka your birth chart, so that you can better navigate life’s landscape.

Re-discover your originali-Tea, your authentici-Tea, and connect with Divine guidance to develop a sense of purpose by knowing your birth chart!


Drop me a line

(put "Positivi-Tea" in the subject line):

No prior knowledge of astrology is required, though to create your chart, you will need the date, place and exact time of birth

​​(within 5 minutes)​.

A session includes:

  1. A 60 minute Zoom video call

  2. A PDF document of your personalized Birth Chart with your planetary signs and placements

  3. ​The option to record your reading using Zoom


Get started on your journey of empowerment by generating a free birth chart through this widget. It will take your email in order to send you your chart, but not add you to my or anyone else's email list.


When you are ready for help interpreting your chart, drop me an email

(with "Positivi-Tea" in the subject line) at

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