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#1 Best-Seller!

The Tenth Muse: How Maria Antonia Advanced the Pastoral Opera reigned as the #1 New Release in the categories of Biographies of Classical Composers (Kindle) and Historical Germany Biographies (paperback and hardcover) in its first month!

Screenshot 2023-09-06 pbk 1 hdcvr 2 copy cropped.png
Screenshot 2023-09-02 n 1 Kindle copy.png
Readers are inspired by The Tenth Muse

"Dr. James’s treatise, contrary to much academic scholarship, is delightfully readable."--Mark Burstein

"Maria Antonia’s story is worth hearing if only to encourage all of us to use our talents, despite the restrictions we see around us. Heartily recommended!"--Paul James

"You don’t have to be a serious student to enjoy this biography. However, if you are a serious student then this book is a MUST HAVE addition to your library."--Teresa K. Kohler, Esq.

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