Whether writing or crafting, singing or speaking, contemplative play's the thing guiding the creation
of our Alice in Wonderland-inspired Whimsical Things.
Madisonnets Book 1
Madisonnets Book 2


Two Madisonnets books so far, both available from Moonstone Press.

If I were not mad postcard
If I were not mad postcard

The first sonnet from April + Madison

Ode to the Economic Downturn
Ode to the Economic Downturn

This perpetual concern of those caught in the "Gig Economy" is dealt with in a way that only Madison could.

Time is Done with Flying
Time is Done with Flying

An early version of the sonnet concerning the Hatter's friend, Time.

Sonnet Postcards.

4' x 6" glossy postcards, with plenty of room for your message on the back.

Hatter Subway Journal 1

"Twinkle, twinkle little bat" is the theme here.

What Day of the Month is it?

Continuing the Mad Tea Party theme with "What day of the month is it?"

No Room, no room!

A third journal in the Mad Hatter series.

Subway Journals.

Sonnets would often come to me as I was riding the subway. I was using store-bought journals, but one day the thought came to me, "You could easily create these yourself." So I did, transforming formerly plain brown paper cover Moleskine journals into whimsical, wonderlandish hand-held art.

Twinkle bat card gold and purple
I rest my case card
Twinkly bat postcard
Notecards, Postcards.

Some are handmade, and one-of-a-kind. Others are printed on glossy paper, but made from scans of handmade originals. Featuring images drawn from dreams, Alice's Adventures, etc.