Whether writing or crafting, singing or speaking, contemplative play's the thing guiding the creation
of our Alice in Wonderland-inspired Whimsical Things.



Two Madisonnets books so far, both available from Moonstone Press.

If I were not mad postcard
The first sonnet from April + Madison
Ode to the Economic Downturn
This perpetual concern of those caught in the "Gig Economy" is dealt with in a way that only Madison could.
Time is Done with Flying
An early version of the sonnet concerning the Hatter's friend, Time.
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Sonnet Postcards.

4' x 6" glossy postcards, with plenty of room for your message on the back.

Subway Journals.

Sonnets would often come to me as I was riding the subway. I was using store-bought journals, but one day the thought came to me, "You could easily create these yourself." So I did, transforming formerly plain brown paper cover Moleskine journals into whimsical, wonderlandish hand-held art.

Notecards, Postcards.

Some are handmade, and one-of-a-kind. Others are printed on glossy paper, but made from scans of handmade originals. Featuring images drawn from dreams, Alice's Adventures, etc.


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