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Watch Your Words

We must watch what we say, for words have power. For instance, a friend recently said of me, “She lost her job.” What a low-energy phrase, and how inaccurate. So let me rephrase: I did not lose my job. I left the job exactly where I found it, to be replaced in that position or not. However, if I am not replaced in the position, then the job will cease to exist. Furthermore, it was not “my” job. I did not create it, and therefore, it did not belong to me. What happened, and how I like to phrase it, is that I was “let go”: I released that job, and it released me. I am free to find something more fulfilling (or, for the purposes of this blog, “Fool-filling”). Likewise, that job is free to find someone better suited to fill it. “My” job, as much as I’ve been able to ascertain, is to be an inspiring light in the world. This may include, at times, working “for” other people. More and more, though, I believe it entails working with other people, and sharing with other people things that I have learned that have helped make me a happier and healthier person. These things include concepts like the need for healthy boundaries, and practices such as yoga, baroque dance and laughter meditation. So, on to the next, better thing! Stay tuned.

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