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Enter the Sonneteer!

Good day, everyone! As April is deeply engaged in other writing projects this week, she asked if I would care to write the blog post today. I said that I would be “Tea-lighted to do so!”, and here I am. The sonnet for this week is from 2011. From our notes, I see that it dates from August of that year, a scant few months after April and I began “sonnetising” together. I see myself as a sort of “cheerleader “, if you will (and even if you won’t). Goodness knows April had been in need of cheering for quite some time. What with her career aspirations not going as planned, her mother’s illness and her brother’s, mmm. . .“ill-considered” behavior, April was in definite need of good cheer. Enter the sonneteer! One day, after a number of sonnets had come whooshing out of her pen, she said to me, “Madison, you have a way with words.”, and I took it from there: You have a way with words by Madison Hatta “You have a way with words.” Do I? Which way is that? Down left? Up center? Circling like a bat With a tea tray in the sky? Ha! I could not resist Although I’ll try harder next time, if you insist Upon frowning so on this clear and starry night. Have things let you down again? Can I make them right? Perhaps you need a little journey to the sea? Have a little lobster while quadrilling with me! Mayhap a forest walk is more your style? Just a hint of that crisp air brings my lips a smile. Then again, you could go where finer people go Although exactly where that is, I wouldn’t know. In any case, I see you’re glad we’ve had this chat. Words have a funny way of turning this to that.

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