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Race is a Construction

That woman who headed an NAACP chapter but who had to resign because she pretended to be black did us all a great service. She reminded us that race is an illusion, a construction. Humans created this concept, and therefore, humans can deconstruct and dismantle it. Along with the dismantling of race and racism, we can dismantle the unjust economic systems that make race a privilege for some, and a prison for others. Let us also remember that, in this material world, this illusion is one of many. The way to get beyond them is to start loving ourselves and each other as if we all matter, and as if we are all part of the same family. When we can do that, the illusions will begin to lose their power over us. Rather than nurse centuries of hurt feelings, let’s choose to have the courage to love as Source loves, and make this Earth a paradise. Remember “Love thy neighbor as thyself”? Or even better, “Love your neighbor more than yourself”, to quote Bruno Groening. The bottom line is that we need to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, have compassion for ourselves. We need to love ourselves, and others, the way the Universe loves us. Connecting so deeply with this Love, we discover that we are all connected, and that it makes no sense to harm another because in doing so, we harm ourselves. It makes no sense to judge ourselves, because in doing so, we are judging Source. Source is the ultimate creator, playing games with us every single day. Who or what is Source? Is Source “black”? Is Source “white”? Source is both and neither and everything in-between and all around such limiting categories. None of us are really our history. All of us are just an idea in the mind of the always-creative Source.

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