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I awaken and practice this: before my mind starts running around in circles, I ask the Universe one simple question, “Who am I?” This particular morning, I heard an answer: “Beautiful.” I immediately countered with, “Not what. Who?” and got silence, which I know is the Universe’s way of saying, “I have spoken. Deal with it.” Then what happened is that my entire day was influenced by that word. No conflicts. Joyful interactions. A really fun call to Apple Support where I taught the Advisor something new! Laughter. Music. I sang and danced while cooking dinner to the first hour’s worth of my “Inspiring Music” YouTube playlist. It was a very good day! The next morn, still joyful. Still “beautiful”. And then I remembered a Native American song I had learned years ago: I walk with beauty before me I walk with beauty behind me I walk with beauty above me I walk with beauty below me I walk with beauty all around me Your world is so beautiful, God. And then it hit me: God/Spirit/The Universe/Infinite Intelligence/Source is beautiful. I am part of Source, therefore, I am beautiful, and so are we all. Deal with it.

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