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Play Your Way Joyful

Updated: May 24, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I (plus Madison) put out a call for your help in putting the final touches to our new course, From Play to Prosperi-Tea, in place. The response was overwhelming.

We got so many great responses, but also many questions about the place of joy in our lives, which is understandable because play and joy are connected. Playing is such a great way to bring joy into one’s life. Joy is often accompanied by laughter, and laughter increases the flow of oxygen into our bodies, helping us to relax. Being in a relaxed state opens us to the creativi-Tea of the universe, and the act of creating connects us to our joy. You see the Virtuous Circle, yes?

Ultimately, joy is an inside job as we connect to that part of ourselves that’s connected to our Source and All-That-Is. Here are three Play Practices to help cajole yourself into a more op-Tea-mistic state.

1) Play with the corners of your mouth: Stand or sit in front of a mirror. Look yourself in the eyes. Lift the corners upwards for five seconds. Breathe. Return to neutral for five seconds. Breathe. Then do the whole thing again for four seconds, then for three, etc. Once you are lifting/returning at one-second intervals (or faster), keep going until your cheeks hurt and the sparkle comes back to your eyes. You might even break out in hearty laughter. In any case, notice how you feel afterwards.

2) Be a sun worshipper: Another way to energize your joy muscles is to share a smile with the afternoon (or morning) sun outdoors or in a sunny window, if the weather is chilly.. Close your eyes, smile, and feel the gentle warmth of the sun’s rays energizing that smile. Tilt your head back slightly, allowing the sun to warm the front of your body, focusing on the throat chakra and heart chakra areas for as long as feels comfortable. Keep breathing gently throughout. Return to a neutral standing position and again, notice how you feel.

3) Practice gra-Tea-tude: Louise Hay would thank her bed for a good night’s sleep every morning upon awakening, and I think this self-help pioneer was onto something. If we want to set ourselves up for lives filled with prosperi-Tea, we must be thankful for what we have. So practice saying “thank you” all day, every day, to yourself, to the people and objects in your life, and to Life itself. Journal about how you feel after doing this, and feel more joy enter your life with each passing day.

If any of our play practices resonate with you, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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