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“Give your evidence,” said the King; “and don’t be nervous, or I’ll have you executed on the spot.”

Selected Reviews for The Tenth Muse: How Maria Antonia Advanced the Pastoral Opera

"Dr. James’s treatise, contrary to much academic scholarship, is delightfully readable."--Mark Burstein

"Maria Antonia’s story is worth hearing if only to encourage all of us to use our talents, despite the restrictions we see around us. Heartily recommended!"--Paul James

"You don’t have to be a serious student to enjoy this biography. However, if you are a serious student then this book is a MUST HAVE addition to your library."--Teresa K. Kohler, Esq.

Dr. April is a highly effective and inspiring presenter. Her creativity and enthusiasm shine through. She helps people believe in themselves and to joyfully expand their comfort zones, that's why I thought April would add value to the NHCFAE Annual Conference. Attendees needed an energetic pick-me-up towards the end of the event, and her “Juggling for Stress Relief” mini-lesson fit the bill perfectly.

Michelle Manire, Coast to Coast Conferences and Events

These quirky, fun sonnets firmly hold a place in the modern poetry canon, and show a stark departure from the gritty realism that has taken over the style.

M. Earl Smith, Galatea Resurrects

A flash of beauty and inspiration. . . . Transformed the gritty black box into some garlanded arcadia.

Erika Kinetz, The New York Times

Your groundbreaking research is just the type that the Center supports, as we continue to spread the word of women’s historical achievements.

Jess Wilcox, Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum


Linda Slodki, President, Mt. Airy Art Garage, Philadelphia, PA

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