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According to Merriam Webster Online, someone or something has come “full circle” when they’ve gone, “through a series of changes that lead back to an original position or situation.” It has no definition for Fool Cyrcle (or “Phool Cyrcle”, for the acacemically-inclined). Therefore, I will step into the void, which is what a Fool Cyrcle is all about, come to think of it. To come “Fool Cyrcle”means that you have gone through a series of changes or events that lead you and your situation into a state of being highly original. A Fool Cyrcle takes into account that life and Time do not circle around to close in neatly upon themselves, so much as spiral up (and sometimes down) and around. Therefore, to my way of thinking–which is nothing, if not “original”–when you’ve gone Fool Cyrcle, you’ve gone through the looking glass of life and entered another dimension. Now, the character or archetype of the Fool has called to me since childhood. S/he has been my Touchstone, if you will, even before I read Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The Fool is the Dreamer, the Explorer. the one who steps off the precipice into the unknown. The Fool is the child, the innocent one, the one who sees that the Emperor wears no clothes. The Fool is the mad wo/man, the Mad Hatter, the one who sees that the Red Queen’s courtiers have been playing her for a fool. And, of course, the Fool is the Jester, someone like Touchstone or Feste, who plays a role that allows him/her to speak truth to power. I will discourse upon this at greater length in upcoming posts. For now, I bid you welcome to my revamped website with its newly fashioned blog. Please join me, Dear Reader, on this Fool’s Errand. It’s bound to take us places we haven’t been, or at least help us see where we are/hsve been with new eyes.

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